With years of versatile video experience, Talos4 Productions strives to provide our customers with a custom experience on your wedding video.  Our approach is to provide you with the basics of a wedding video and then allow you to pick and choose just the items or features you want in the final product.

All video footage is shot with broadcast quality standard definition cameras.  If you can arrange to provide photographs for your event, we can incorporate many of those pictures into your video for a seamless, elegant and unique product.

If you do not see something you want to have in your video on our list, please ask us and we can develop a custom quote for you.

All videos will be presented with appropriate introductory titles.  All DVD’s are professionally authored with custom graphics from your wedding with menu selectable chapter points to all of the key parts of your video.  We do not use cookie cutter tools to make your video!

Your finished DVD will be presented with a custom printed surface in an attractive DVD Amray case.