We can tape a live performance

We can, for a flat fee of $500, record and edit a live performance on location at one of your gigs and from this create a finished video. We would use two professional cameras to create this performance. We would provide you with five copies of the video and would offer it for sale on our web site. The finished video is yours to reproduce and sell as you like and for copies that are sold on our web site, you would be paid a 25% royalty on the sale of each video after reproduction costs.

We can create a music video for you

If you want a video of a live performance and/or a music video which encompasses more of a story, you can engage us to film and edit this video. Additionally, we can assist you in selling it by offering the video for sale on our web site or through your own. How extensive a video you want is a matter of how much money you want to spend.

The cost to do this varies depending on a number of variables: how many camera people we need to shoot the footage; how many songs you want recorded; whether we can tape a performance in our studio or on location and how extensive the editing must be. If your group is small (one to three people) and we can mix a performance in our studio and this could be recorded and edited for as little as $500. Full bands with drummers are not practical to do in our studio at this point however and we would have to shoot you on location such as at a club appearance. If you want a full blown music video the cost is considerably higher. We would quote all proposals on a case by case basis.