We use Linux servers and offer a multitude of other options and features that are standard on web servers. The price that applies to your web service is based exclusively on the amount of storage and traffic (bandwidth) you generate. We will assist you with the initial setup of your site but any web site design or content services are billed as development costs.  There are no setup fees with any plan.

  Disk Space and/or Up to Bandwidth Annually
up to 200 MB up to 2 GB $83.00
up to 350 MB up to 4 GB $110.00
up to 750 MB up to 9 GB $165.00
up to 1 GB up to 11 GB $220.00
  up to 1.5 GB up to 15 GB $275.00
  up to 2 GB up to 20 GB $350.00
  up to 2.5 GB up to 25 GB $425.00

Why don't we offer unlimited storage and bandwidth?

Because there is no such thing.  Companies that offer unlimited storage and bandwidth don't expect you to use unlimited amounts and the restrictions that they place on what you can do on your web site effectively insures that you won't test the limits of their offers.  For a full discussion with citations from several companies offering "unlimited" features but with severe restrictions see this link.

We've had the experience of dealing with mass hosting plans and while they have their place, we are not in the business of providing an impersonal service that works fine until you have some requirement that doesn't fit into their pre-designed cookie cutter model.